Get 1% of your portfolio value
if we can't reduce your fees

Investors can’t control the markets, the only thing they can control is their costs. We are so confident that we can reduce your fees that if we can’t, we will write you a cheque for 1% of your portfolio’s value.*

Have you transferred a UK Pension into a SIPP or a QROPS?

Have you taken out a regular saving plan since moving abroad?

If the answer is yes to either of these questions, get a comprehensive review of your fees from one of our team and if we can’t demonstrate how we can reduce your costs, we will pay you 1% of your portfolio’s value. *

To find out more about pension transfer fees you can read our fees guide here. To get your comprehensive review, please complete the form below.

You will either save on fees, or have peace of mind that your current setup is as good as it can be and walk away with a cheque. It’s a win win.

Tell us a bit about your portfolio:

How We Reduce Your Fees

Brite offers a low cost model that does not use insurance wrapped products or commission paying investments. By not using third party companies to facilitate your investments we mitigate high fees and ensure there are no hidden costs associated with your portfolios. 

Pension Transfers

Brite does not charge for trustee fees, our platform charge is 0.5% and our service fee is 0.5%. Our portfolios have a total cost of between 0.10% and 0.22%. For more information on how pension transfer fees are typically structured, you can download our full guide here.

Regular Saving Plans

These insurance wrapped products are some of the most expensive savings vehicles in the market. These products are banned in most developed markets but unfortunately continue to be sold in less regulated jurisdictions. The products typically have what is known as ‘closed architecture’, this means the range of funds you can use within the product is restricted. In most cases the range is restricted to specific share classes that have higher charges and pay trailing commission to the advisor. In others, the funds are ‘mirror’ funds. This means that they are not the original fund that the name suggests, but a copy fund that is managed by the company themselves. 

What happens when I complete the form?

There are only two possible outcomes:

  1. We clearly demonstrate how you can reduce your costs. 
  2. We can’t reduce your costs. You leave with peace of mind that your current set up is the best available and we write you a cheque.

If you have received financial advice since moving abroad, complete the form above to find out how much you can save with Brite. 

Disclaimer –

*  Applies to transferred pensions or regular savings plans taken out via an advisory company or a broker. Cost comparison includes the total cost and all fees including; Trustee fees, advisory fees, management charges, trailing commissions/hidden commissions, portfolio costs, platform charges and any other fees associated with the products in question, hidden or otherwise. Not applicable to individuals working in the retail financial services industry, those employed by a competitor or any persons encouraged to apply by their current advisor. 

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