A smarter way to invest and save

Simple and smart direct savings and investing

Just 1% fee per annum

Brite Advisors have created a flexible, transparent and expertly built equity and fixed income savings product so you can invest and save together.

Whether you’re thinking about opening an investment account for the first time or you're an experienced investor looking to transfer your account, our savings and investment product could be right for you.

Direct investments provide a great way to save and accumulate wealth compared to a bank saving account. Investing in an equity and fixed income account over the longer term could deliver a higher return than cash because your money has the chance to grow with the markets and keep pace with inflation.

You can invest a lump sum over five years and access 90% of your capital anytime. There is a penalty if you access 100% of your capital within the five-year period. You can add extra funds if you wish at any point without rolling redemption or penalty.

The minimum investment amount is £50,000 (or currency equivalent) in any of the four currencies offered. You can change the currency at any time without cost.

What does it cost?

Brite Advisors fees are just 1% per annum.

In Summary:

Easy set-up:
Get one set up quickly with a cash lump sum

Value for money

We prefer to use exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to keep costs down.

No hidden fees

You'll always know how much you're paying.

Know where you stand

View your account wherever you are, whenever you want.

Four currencies offered

US Dollars $. British Pounds £. Euros €. Australian Dollars $AUD.

We’re here for you

Our support team are available by phone or email.

Your money will be invested on our investment platform and full portfolio fact sheets can be obtained from your advisor.

Contact us today and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss in further detail.

Strategy Sheets

Please download our strategy sheets providing net performance, benchmarks and holdings in asset classes.

These strategy sheets are updated every three months.

Please contact us for further information if required.

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UK pension leadership

Brite Advisors re-defined UK pensions for expats when they launched in 2016. Today, Brite Advisors leads the world in UK pension innovation with our low-cost investment platform and end to end solution. The Brite Advisors platform provides a seamless experience with the mission of maximising pension assets.  Brite Advisors is a global company with offices and teams around the world dedicated to providing a financial planning experience like no other. For international SIPPs, QROPS or Direct Investing it’s your easiest investment decision.

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