Benefit from our unique investment platform

Our investment philosophy is based on taking the long view and thinking protection first – as nobody knows what’s around the corner.

However you can choose the level of risk you’re comfortable with and we will provide you with a pension portfolio that meets your requirements.

Higher risk can lead to higher returns – but greater losses in a market down turn. The opposite is true for low risk portfolios – when the market dips the losses can be minimised. However, over the long term, the stock market has always proved to be the best way of growing savings.

How we trade

Brite Advisors invest using ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) which tracks an index, a specific asset or basket of assets. ETFs cover many areas of the market including stock indices, stock market sectors, commodities, currencies, bonds and even instruments that track the volatility of the stock market.

We use them because they are a lower cost way of investing in the stock market – which means we can pass that saving on to you in the form of a low fee. This in turn means, over time, you get a better return as more of your savings are re-invested.

Low fee strategy

As we have mentioned on many occasions the fees you pay affect your pension’s performance. And low fees play a pivotal role in our investment strategy – as we know that, over time, this is probably one of the main factors in generating better returns.




UK pension leadership

Brite Advisors re-defined UK pensions for expats when they launched in 2016. Today, Brite Advisors leads the world in UK pension innovation with our low-cost investment platform and end to end solution. The Brite Advisors platform provides a seamless experience with the mission of maximising pension assets.  Brite Advisors is a global company with offices and teams around the world dedicated to providing a financial planning experience like no other. For international SIPPs, QROPS or Direct Investing it’s your easiest investment decision.

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