Transparent Charges

It Pays Big To Think Small

1% annual fee saves you money so, over time, more of your money is reinvested each year. This is known as ‘compounding’ and can have a significant impact on the value of your final pension assets.

Total Transparency

We believe in acting in your best interests which is why we list exactly what we charge.​ ​​Trust is built on an honest and transparent relationship between client and advisor so we disclose in full our fees and how advisors are remunerated.

This not only improves the duty of care to clients it also improves the quality of investments and fosters investor confidence.

Investment Fees

1% Annual Fee

No Hidden Charges

  • Advisory and Asset Management Fee. 1% per annum
  • Defined Benefit Transfer Fee: £1,950. (DB Pensions only – one off charge)

For Australian Transfers To Smsf Schemes Only –
The Following Additional Charges Apply:

  • Set up fee: 1,300 AUD
  • Annual fee: 1,400 AUD

We don’t charge any extra for trustee fees, pension administration or trading commissions. Furthermore, when it comes to withdrawing from your retirement pot we don’t charge any drawdown fees.

There is an additional annual fund cost ranging from 0.10% to 0.25% depending on provider.

Our fees are paid within the transfer and investment arrangement so there is no need for you to send us any payment.

In some cases, your current pension provider might have imposed exit fees that would prevent you from moving your savings to a better solution. Brite Advisors will advance the surrender costs protecting the value of your current portfolio and spread the costs over 10 years to minimise the impact that you might have incurred with your existing provider.

How Our Fees Compare

All pension providers and IFAs charge you a fee to manage your pension, but some will also use third parties for certain elements which also charge. Sometimes these charges are hidden in the form of commissions paid to the insurance company for managing your assets.

So, you may be charged investment platform fees, annual fund fees, trustee fees, custodian fees and ongoing advice costs on top. You could be paying 4-5% per annum before any growth is achieved.

The headline annual management fee shown by some providers may not represent the total amount you’ll be charged, and other fees may be hidden from you. At Brite Advisors our fees are fair and completely transparent.

1% Annual Management Fee

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