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Brite Advisors has three distinct
parts to its business

The three areas are:

1. Advisory – we believe good advice matters and we make a commitment to get to know you and understand your goals, so we can consult and guide you on a path to a more secure financial future.

2. Pension Administration – the trustee ensures pension funds are administered in accordance with regulations and are ultimately accountable to all participants of the pension plan, including beneficiaries, sponsors and regulatory authorities.

3. Asset Management – within our fund strategies we offer investment capabilities across a mix of asset classes with the goal of maximising your portfolio’s performance.

Pension Services

Why do we separate business units?

It’s important we separate out these parts of the business to ensure the protection of client assets.

So, for example, Advisory cannot influence how the money is invested as this may lead to a conflict of interest. This area comes under the sole responsibility of Asset Management who have a neutral, optimised approach to investing client money. Advisors pass your funds to our professional, discretionary asset management team who take control of investment decisions and allocation.

The diagram below also sets out, in line with our fee structure, how each unit charges for their services.

Brite Advisors business units


FEE 0.5%

Pension Administration


Asset Management


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