The Brite Platform

A smarter way to invest

Brite Advisors portfolios offer you a distinct advantage as they provide a low cost, end to end solution. This transparent investment approach broadly tracks the market delivering better returns and over time consistently growing your assets.

Our investment platform lets you decide your investment approach based on your goals and attitude to risk. We then do all the hard work using our asset management professionals and technology to execute fund trading.

Lower cost investing

The underlying investments in your portfolio are exchange traded funds (ETFs), which are low-cost in nature. This allows us to invest more of your money and helps deliver a better performing portfolio.

These use low-cost, index-vehicles are aligned to our philosophy of managing assets in your best interests.

We optimise for you

We all want our money to work hard for us and grow. Our approach saves you money, keeps up to speed with the market and rebalances your portfolio.

As a discretionary fund manager, we actively construct the asset allocation and select the holding that is rebalanced and optimised periodically. Then we implement our strategies via passive vehicles such as ETFs that are replicating major indices.

This investment strategy often produces superior results over the medium to long term.

Strategy Sheets

Please download our strategy sheets providing net performance, benchmarks and holdings in asset classes.

These strategy sheets are updated every three months.

Please contact us for further information if required.

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UK pension leadership

Brite Advisors re-defined UK pensions for expats when they launched in 2016. Today, Brite Advisors leads the world in UK pension innovation with our low-cost investment platform and end to end solution. The Brite Advisors platform provides a seamless experience with the mission of maximising pension assets.  Brite Advisors is a global company with offices and teams around the world dedicated to providing a financial planning experience like no other. For international SIPPs, QROPS or Direct Investing it’s your easiest investment decision.

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