How Brite Advisors can help you invest and grow your wealth

How Brite Advisors can help you invest and grow your wealth

The need to invest is becoming increasingly important, especially within the UK expat community, because it’s an effective strategy for building wealth during turbulent times. By investing your money, you can observe its growth in value over time and ensure yourself a happy and comfortable retirement. 

Some expats are still new to investing, and those that are more experienced may not have access to the right tools, strategies and resources to get started. This is where Brite Advisors come in…

Introducing Brite Advisors

At Brite Advisors, we offer a range of investment solutions at different levels of suitability to make sure we fit whatever our clients need. We are committed to ensuring that we achieve our investors long-term financial objectives by providing our clients with an adequate mix of risk assets. Why? Because it provides diversification, reduced costs, and crucially resiliency across all economic and capital market cycles, giving our clients the security they need.

Global investment strategies

If you’re a UK expat abroad (but live outside of the US), Brite Advisors can offer investment accounts in four base currencies: GBP, USD, EUR, & AUD. For each of these currencies we offer model portfolios, which range from ‘Cautious’ for the most careful investor, to ‘Aggressive’ for the more adventurous. We always take into account what is the best suitable path for our clients before making recommendations.

You can see our model portfolios by currency below: 

  1. GBP – Global Strategy Sheets
  2. USD – Global Strategy Sheets
  3. EUR – Global Strategy Sheets
  4. AUD – Global Strategy Sheets

UK expats in South Africa

Specifically looking at our South African clients, we offer investment accounts in GBP & USD, and also offer different types of portfolios, which again range from ‘Cautious’ to ‘Aggressive’. Within our South African solutions, we make sure we invest in globally diversified equities, fixed income, and real estate. While doing this we also take advantage of ETFs from the universe of allowable Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) in South Africa. 

You can view our model portfolios for South Africa below:

  1. GBP – South Africa Strategy Sheets
  2. USD – South Africa Strategy Sheets

How does our strategic allocation work?

Two of the key elements of our strategic allocation include giving a significant portion of our allocation to equities, and also to investment grade fixed income. This is in addition to other investments such as commodities and real estate.

Furthermore, the individual holdings that make up our model portfolio solutions are exclusively Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF), because we firmly believe that this is the best investment pool vehicle possible for investors. Also, ETF offers great potential in terms of liquidity, cost, and diversification. 

We are also very mindful of home bias, so therefore we are strong believers in the benefits of globally diversifying our clients equity exposure, to keep their assets as safe as possible.

Ready to find out more?

Given that our focus is in pension investing for the long-term, we believe that our full range of balanced portfolios will support our clients in reaching their long-term investment objectives. All our portfolios are rebalanced regularly to improve on their risk-adjusted performance and to also  ensure that the investments remain suitable for our clients. 

If you want to find out more about what we do, and how we can help you to create a solid investment plan, you can contact us directly here:

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