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UK pension options

There are several different types of overseas pension schemes available - including QROPS (or ROPS), QNUPS or a SIPP.

If you have a UK pension and want to take full advantage of its potential a SIPP or QROPS (or Recognised Overseas Pensions Scheme), may be the best option for you.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) allows UK pensions to be transferred into a number of officially approved overseas schemes. It’s mainly used by expatriates, as it can have tax benefits and allows them to take complete control of their retirement money.

It’s easy to get a no obligation transfer valuation so you can get a view of how much your pension is worth and how it might benefit you by transferring to a recognised scheme.

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UK pension guides
Brite Advisors specialise in transferring UK pensions overseas and we have prepared these simple guides for you to read. If you're thinking of moving your UK pension abroad it's worth understanding first what makes a good pension scheme.
A ROPS (Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) is probably the most well known of the overseas pension schemes. Also known as QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) before HMRC dropped the ‘Qualifying’.
International SIPPs
Most SIPPs are only offered to UK residents, however, some SIPPs can be used by non-UK residents. International SIPPs are an extension of UK self invested pensions.
QNUPS are an international pension scheme often used by high net worth individuals who have already reached their income tax relief limits on pension contributions in the UK.
Transferring UK Pensions To Australia
Transferring UK pensions to Australia is very popular with many expats as it provides greater control over retirement money. Brite Advisors offer specialist, Australian based advice.
Your Guide To Transferring UK Pensions To South Africa
If you’ve worked in the UK and now live in South Africa – whether as a British expat or a South African who spent time in the UK – then you may want to incorporate and consolidate your UK pensions into your retirement plans using a recognised scheme.

UK pension leadership

Brite Advisors re-defined UK pensions for expats when they launched in 2016. Today, Brite Advisors leads the world in UK pension innovation with our low-cost investment platform and end to end solution. The Brite Advisors platform provides a seamless experience with the mission of maximising pension assets.  Brite Advisors is a global company with offices and teams around the world dedicated to providing a financial planning experience like no other. For international SIPPs, QROPS or Direct Investing it’s your easiest investment decision.

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